Rural innovation center of VILLAMART

Rural-Indo-Ally is a “for Profit” organization that aspires to do business with human touch while keeping the interests of all its
stake holders (i.e. investors, employees and customers). The company aims at technology development for farmers and other professionals, agri-business and retail marketing of essential commodities including vegetables & groceries especially in the rural areas. At the moment, this venture aims to connect and focus customers in the rural areas and smaller towns. We have an extremely ambitious plan in expanding the future scope and avenues of the company.
Part of our business model is based on developing mobile markets that sell essential commodities. It will be a supermarket on wheel but will operate in the rural areas and smaller towns only. The same shop also collects farmers’ produce, and in the latter stage can collect or distribute couriers etc. Major sourcing of commodities will be from local farmers and we will have our own packaging and production unit where we plan to employ large number of rural men and women with an extremely flexible work culture. Direct sourcing from farmers will avoid middlemen/broker. Direct sourcing and our own packaging and production units will be a win-win situation for the farmer, retailer and customer. In the fast paced world of advanced technology, our rural areas have not been able to integrate with latest technologies today. We aim to establish a synergy between technology & the needs of rural sector by providing available technologies and also to develop new technology for farmers and other professionals.

Through this company we will

  • Generate employment in rural and remote areas
  • Encourage women to work in their free time in flexible time slots
  • Connect rural households with mobile marketing & e-commerce
  • Provide consultancy for modern farming techniques towards sustainable agriculture
  • Provide (and also develop) advanced equipment for farming and other professional services.
  • Attract people towards cultivation
  • Empower women
  • Protect the interest of farmer