Villa Mart is a revenue model for the development of rural India intended to create a sustainable livelihood.
This business model is creating a market place for farmers, villagers and rural households of any profession where they can sell their products relatively at higher price and purchase their required stuffs at lower cost without any middle man. This will also help the farmers in their cultivation integrating necessary technologies at each steps and take care of their produce until it reached to the consumers.
This will also encourage other professionals to join hands with us to manufacture and improve their products technologically in cost effective way and can use this market place to sell their products. On its way of creating a sustainable livelihood in rural India, it will employ a huge number of women, uneducated, semi-educated and educated persons in villages and smaller towns

Uniqueness of this model is that, it is designed by highly educated and experienced research professionals those born and brought up in rural areas and experienced with Indian rural lifestyle as well as lifestyle in foreign countries. Therefore, the team is very dedicated to improve the livelihood of Indian farmers and other rural professionals through this unique revenue model and societal research.

Keywords those describe us:

A market place, sustainable livelihood, Tech farming, Manufacturing,, rural innovation, rural development

Through this company we will

  • Generate employment in rural and remote areas
  • Encourage women to work in their free time in flexible time slots
  • Connect rural households with mobile marketing & e-commerce
  • Provide consultancy for modern farming techniques towards sustainable agriculture
  • Provide (and also develop) advanced equipment for farming and other professional services.
  • Attract people towards cultivation
  • Empower women
  • Protect the interest of farmer

Our Vision and Mission:

  • Empower rural men and women by creating/providing employment to them
  • Attract people towards sustainable agriculture/farming and other profession
  • Provide advanced farming tools and techniques  in rural areas
  • Technical help and expertise to rural people and protecting the interests of different professionals

Whats is the problem the startup is solving

  • There is no proper marketplace for farmers & other rural professionals to sell their products without any middleman;
    —>  This startup is providing the market place.
  • There is no proper training at the ground for the farmers & other professionals to develop/produce quality product;
    —> This startup is providing the facility and training to produce quality product.
  • Farmers make huge loss due to the lack of proper distribution & storage system;
    —> This startup is providing both the distribution and low cost storage facility.
  • Rural people depends on nearest cities for their basic day to day life and job;
    —> This startup is creating huge employment in rural areas.
  • Rural women have no opportunity to utilize their leisure time to earn some extra money;
    —> This startup will create full and part time job for rural women