Villa Mart is a revenue model for the development of rural India intended to create a sustainable livelihood.
This business model is creating a physical (both static & mobile) market place for farmers, villagers and rural households of any profession where they can sell their products at proper price and can also purchase their required stuffs at their doorstep. This will also help the farmers in their cultivation integrating necessary technologies at each steps and take care of their produce until it reached to the consumers. VillaMart will be the only connection between a farmer and its consumer without any intermediary, which will profit a farmer and create a relationship between a farmer and consumer. We are preparing the cheapest nano cold storage facility through proper R&D to provide the farmers to minimize their loss and to maintain a stable vegetable price in the market.
Our company will also encourage other rural professionals to join hands with us to manufacture and improve their products technologically in cost effective way and can use this market place to sell their products. On its way of creating a sustainable livelihood in rural India, it will employ a huge number of women, uneducated, semi-educated and educated persons in villages and smaller towns.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility branch named as “Rural Indo Ally” is constituted by some research professionals from reputed institutes like IITs for all kinds of technological support, rural research and innovations.
This is a unique and very innovative revenue model, designed by highly educated and experienced research professionals those born and brought up in rural areas and experienced with Indian rural lifestyle as well as lifestyle in foreign countries. Therefore, the team is very dedicated to improve the livelihood of Indian farmers and other rural professionals through this revenue model and societal research.